A Summit Report for Democracy and Political Accountability: Fostering Pathway for Sustainable Democracy in Liberia

Liberia’s transition from war to peace has been marked by much stability. In twenty-one years since the signing of the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), the country has had four democratic elections, transferring political power from one political administration to the next. International and domestic election observers have declared the processes in these elections to be free, fair, and transparent. Isolated incidences of electoral malpractices documented were noted to be insignificant to discredit the progress made to date.

In particular, the November 2023 election victory by President Joseph N. Boakai, Sr. by nearly 50.1% of the total valid votes cast and the remarkable concession by former President George M. Weah sent a strong message that Liberia’s democracy is maturing.

Given these dynamics, we, Naymote Partners for Democratic Development, a prominent civil society group in Liberia and beyond, hosted a two-day Summit for Democracy and Political Accountability. The Summit created a space for Liberia stakeholders, international partners, and civil society actors to come together and deliberate on strategies with the view of strengthening Liberia’s democracy and consolidating the gains made twenty-one years after Liberia’s destructive civil war.

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