(Jan 2018 – Jan 2022 ) President Meter Project

Naymote Partners for Democratic Development is profoundly grateful to all national and international

partners, county, and other stakeholders for their continued support to good governance and democratic

development in Liberia.

We are grateful to all those who provided us with the needed support to successfully complete this President

Meter Report covers the four-year period from January 2018 to December 2021.

This project was funded by a generous grant from the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA).

We are grateful to OSIWA for the partnership and support of our institution over the years, for believing in

our vision, and for supporting our work. We also appreciate the support of all other actors in civil society,

international organizations, and public service for their support over the years and for making this report


This work would not have been possible without the enormous sacrifices of the amazing team at Naymote

Partners for Democratic Development. Thanks to their courage, teamwork, collaboration, and commitment

we now have a four-year comprehensive report of the President Meter Project.