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                                               News Stories (2019)

NAYMOTE Releases ‘President Weah’s Performance Against Promises Made in One Year’

Pro-Democracy Group Reveals Gov’t Ignoring AntiGraft Promises

NAYMOTE Releases One-Year Report on President’s Meter Project

Liberia: NAYMOTE Urges Lawmakers To Be ‘More Accessible, Responsive and Accountable’ to Constituents

NAYMOTE Releases Legislative Accountability Project Report 2019, Tracks Legislative Campaign Promises

NAYMOTE Releases First Legislative Accountability Report


                                               News Stories (2018)

Liberia: Naymote Releases 270 Days Report on Government’s Performance

NAYMOTE Releases 270 Days Report on Government’s Performance On Promises

NAYMOTE: 4 out of 85 President Weah’s Promises Completed So Far

‘Liberia Not in Right Direction’ – NAYMOTE Governance Survey Finds

Naymote Survey Grades Gov’t Performance As ‘Very Poor’ While AFL Tops Security Sector With 93% Trust From The Public

Liberia: ‘Weah’s Campaign Promises Must be Fulfilled’ – Dean of Law School

NAYMOTE Legislative Engagement Goes to Bong, Nimba Counties

UNMIL SRSG Keen on Youths Political Effectiveness

NAYMOTE Takes Law, Justice Education to Students

NAYMOTE Intensifies its Role in Justice Program for Students

NAYMOTE Ends Youth Capacity Building Training Workshop

‘We Did Not See True Representation in the 52nd and 53rd House’ – NAYMOTE

                                                  News Stories (2017)

NAYMOTE Hosts Peace Jamboree to Mitigate Electoral Violence

As National Elections Schedule For October 10, Naymote To Hold Youth Peace Jamboree On Monday

IBIS and partners launch Ebola Response Programme

Liberian Youth Leading Efforts to End Ebola Crisis

Using Community-led Initiatives to Fight Ebola in Liberia

Liberia: Naymote’s Bus Volunteers Support National Campaign

NAYMOTE Equipped to Effectively Communicate; Thanks to OSIWA.

West Africa: A Call for Appointment of ECOWAS Special Envoy on Ebola

Liberia: Ahead Midterm Elections, ECC Trains Campaign Violence Monitors

Liberia: 250,000 Youth Voters Targeted for 2014 Special Election – NEC Boss Discloses

Liberia: NAYMOTE Ends Training for 50 Civic Voters Peer Educators in Bong County

Liberia: Local Empowerment – Chiefs Get Certificates in Government Administration

Liberian ‘Bus’ Project Launched