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Naymote Partners for Democratic Development is pleased to present the report on the tracking of campaign promises during the 2023 Liberian presidential election. The institution meticulously monitored and documented 93 promises made by the Unity Party, led by President-elect Joseph Nyumah Boakai, Sr., who secured victory with 50.64%, as announced by the National Elections Commission.

These promises were derived from the Unity Party’s manifesto, campaign rallies, media engagements, and public statements. The manifesto outlined six pillars, each encompassing specific commitments aimed at Liberia’s development.

Pillar One: Macroeconomic Stability and Infrastructural Development A total of fifty eight (58) promises were identified and documented under this pillar. These promises spanned economic aspects (8 promises), financial management (10 promises), agriculture (12 promises), natural resource management (3 promises), job creation (6 promises), commerce and industry (2 promises), infrastructure development (5 promises), transportation (4 promises), information communication technology (ICT) (3 promises), and culture and tourism (5 promises).

Pillar Two: Health, WASH, the Environment & Climate Change Under this pillar, nine (9) promises were tracked, focusing on health (6 promises), Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (1 promise), and environment and climate change (2 promises).

Pillar Three: Human Capacity Development Seven (7) promises were documented under this pillar, with primary focus on education.

Pillar Four: Governance and Rule of Law This pillar has seven (7) promises, emphasizing foreign relations (1 promise), security (1 promise), rule of law (1 promise), accountability (2 promises), governance and transparency (2 promises), and reconciliation (1 promise).

Pillar Five: Gender, Youth, Children and Social Protection Eight (8) promises were tracked and documented, with focus on gender (1 promise), social protection (2 promises), and youth empowerment (5 promises).

Pillar Six: Fight Against Corruption Four (4) promises were documented under this pillar.

Among the multitude of promises tracked, notable commitments include the reform of tax administration policies, targeted fiscal incentives for agriculture and light manufacturing, implementation of the Treasury Single Account (TSA), introduction of a program budgeting system, and the roadmap for the de-dollarization of the Liberian economy.

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