Young Political Leadership School Africa



The Young Political Leadership School Africa (YPLS Africa) is a political organizing, leadership development and campaign training program for emerging young African leaders established in April 2016 by Naymote Partners for Democratic Development.

The program convenes young politicians and youth activists with a passion for supporting good governance, policy advocacy, fostering transparency in government, and mobilizing their communities to ensure that government officials are accountable to the people. The YPLS Africa challenge, inspires, motivate and spark new insights for participants to become transformational and/or servant leaders in their generation.

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Why we founded Young Political Leadership School Africa ?

By 2050, Africa’s population is expected to double from 1.2 billion people to 2.4 billion. With over 60% of the population being under 25 years old, Africa is one of the world’s youngest continents with a median age of 19.5 years according to the U.N. 

Its youthful population presents powerful opportunities for economic growth, political participation and democratic governance, and social inclusion, yet this demographic also presents tremendous challenges as well as implications for peace and security.  

One of the largest concerns facing African youth today is the lack of representation in politics and decision-making processes. The numerical strength of young people is an asset; therefore, there needs to be a shift in attitudes and behaviors with the cultivation of a new value system as well as relevant knowledge and skills that will position African youth as a new breed of leaders.

Young people have the numbers that should be mobilized with the best amongst them to win elected offices bringing youth exuberance, new political thinking, but most especially good governance tenets with increased organizational skills, better planning skills, increased capacity to change the discourse of political engagement and triggering economic growth.