Celebrate Accountability, Not Only Transition Of Power -VP Koung Tells Liberians (The Inquirer Newspaper 03/21/2024 Edition)

By Laurina B Lormia
The Vice President of Liberia says he is aware of the need to improve democracy in Liberia, but its democracy should not only be celebrated because of peaceful elections and transition of power, but must also be based on the collective ability of the leaders to be accountable to the people and improve their livelihood, which he described as the essence of true leadership in a modern democracy, that must be embraced with a new mindset.
“We gather here in affirmation of our collective belief that democracy is the bedrock for the attainment of sustainable development. Together with political accountability, democracy presents the surest pathway to address a nation’s socio-economic challenges,” Koung observed, noting that to maintain a functional democracy, the people must cultivate the mindset that accountability is one of the key tenets of democracy, and that the citizens will always demand answers from those of us who are trusted with the torch of leadership.
He asserted that any democracy without accountability of its leadership is almost certain to fail, stressing that the 1986 Liberian Constitution provides that all power is inherent in the people and that the Government is instituted by their authority and for their benefit.
“Leaders under our form of government are servants of the people and, therefore, answerable to the people. It follows that we as leaders, whether elected or appointed public officials, have an obligation to explain our decision and actions to the citizen- the people,” the VP noted.
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