Liberia: VP Koung Challenges National Leaders to Change the Status Quo at Maiden Democracy Summit (Frontpage Africa 03/21/2024 Edition)

MONROVIA – Vice president Jeremiah Kpan Koung has rallied national leaders to change the status quo and live up to the expectation of the Liberian people.
Addressing the maiden edition of the Summit for Democracy held under the auspices of Naymote, Partners for Democratic Development, VP Koung thanked the organizers for the summit, saying it affords young people the opportunity to interact with their leaders and share their perspectives on enhancing Liberia’s democracy and achieving sustainable development. These young people, he said, represent the “energy, lifeblood, and future of our nation and we must rise to the occasion to preserve it.”

“We, as Leaders, have the rare privilege to make decisions with consequences for the common good of our people; however, we still struggle to demonstrate a sense of accountability to the people we lead. Let it be known that the burdens, dreams, and aspirations of the people we carry on our shoulders demand the ultimate sacrifice of accountability for our stewardship.”

VP Koung, further stated that Liberia’s democracy must not only be celebrated because of peaceful elections and transition of power, but must also be based on leaders’ collective ability to be accountable to their people and improve their livelihood. “This is the essence of true leadership in a modern democracy, and we must embrace this new mindset,” he said. (Click for Full Story)

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