"The Originator"

leading by value

Eddie Jarwolo, acquires over twelve (12) years working experience as Executive Director, NAYMOTE-Partners for Democratic Development and has far-reaching knowledge in civic education, community development and leadership approaches, participatory decision-making, advocacy, organizational development tools, grassroots democracy enhancement and community based organizations strengthening.

He has participated in the United State Department of State International Leadership Exchange Program and a Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy, Washington DC and Community Solutions Fellow a U.S. Department of State Fellow. As executive director his primary responsible is to provide for the day-to-day costs of serving the administrative and technical needs of the institute; oversee the daily activities and implement such policies as may be adopted by the Board of Director.

Extensive international exposure: travel to the United States of America, South Africa, Qatar, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Guinea; participated in international conferences, seminars, workshops and assemblies sponsored by United Nations Development Programme, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, World Movement for Democracy, Africa Democracy Forum, World Youth Movement for Democracy and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.



Managing with Care

Sammy S. Dorbor is the Administrative and Finance Director at NAYMOTE. He holds a MBA in Finance from the Cuttington University Graduate School in Liberia, Bsc in Accounting from the A. M. E. Zion University and has over 10 years of working experience as an Administrative and Finance Officer. He also has professional certificates in Financial Management and Budgetary Control, Human Resource Management, Program design and implementation and a wide range of experience in Financial Management. He is a lecturer at the A. M. E. Zion University.


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Strategic Aaronic

Aaron   Weah-Weah,   III   has   ten   years   of   experience   as   a   youth   activist   and   is   the   Program Director   of   one   of Liberia’s     Progressive     youth     advocacy     and     Pro-democracy     groups     called     the     National     Youth     Movement     for Transparent   Elections-­‐Partners   for   Democratic   Development   (NAYMOTE-­‐PADD).   Aaron   is   a   scholar   from   Joseph Jenkins    Roberts     Scholarship     Foundation     for     academic     excellence,     and     a     leading     youth     empowerment Specialists   and   a   community   mobilizer. Aaron   has   participated   in   and   benefitted   from   various   capacity   building   trainings   and   conferences   in   and   out   of Liberia   including   the   OSIWA   Youth   Assembly   held   in   Dakar,   Senegal,   the   ICCO   brainstorming   forum   in   Bamako, Mali,   and   a   youth   conference   in   Nairobi,   Kenya   called   AfricamP.   He   studied   Economics   and   Accounting   and   was actively   engaged   in   student   Politics   in   High   School   and   University.

 As   a   youngster,   Aaron   was   recruited   by   NAYMOTE   where   he   also   led    a   campaign that   led   to   the   provision   of   electoral   law   giving   Preference   to   disabled   voters   and   increased   the   participation   of youth,   women   and   disabled   people   in   the   2005   general   and   Presidential   elections.   Following   his   return   from Africamp     2010,     in     Nairobi,     Kenya,     Aaron,     along     with     other     Liberian     youth activists,     initiated     an     advocacy campaign   through   the   holding   of   Public   debates,   social   media   advocacy,   Public   speeches   to   stakeholders   and Policy     makers,     sit-­‐in     actions     before     the     Parliament     and     Peaceful   demonstration.     All     of     which     led     to     the adoption     of     the     African     Youth     Charter     in     Liberia     and     the     Presentation     of     the     Liberia     National     Youth     Policy document   to   the   Legislature   for   Passage   into   law   by   the   House   of   Representative   after   six   years   of   delay.

In   May   2012,   Aaron   along   with   Eddie    Jarwolo,   a   State   Department   Community   Solution   fellow   returning   from Oregon,   USA,   launched   the   Liberia   Bus   Project,   a   non-­‐Partisan,   voluntary   youth   driven   initiative   that   seeks   to empower   a   whole   new   generation    into   democracy.   As   the   result   of   his   outstanding   role   as   a   youth   activist   for democracy   in   Post   war   Liberia,   he   was   recently   named   one   of   the   Global   30   under   30   inspiring   youth   activist for     democracy     by     the     National     Endowment     for     Democracy     (NED)     in     commemoration     of     its     30th     anniversary.

Subsequently,     Aaron     was     invited     to     speak     at     the     2014     TEDxConcordiaUPortland     event     in     Portland,     Oregon, USA   and   attend   TEDActive   2014   in   Vancouver,   Canada.

Aaron     is     currently     pursuing     a     Masters     in   Business     Administration     with     emphasis     on     Economics     at     Cuttington Graduate   School   in   Monrovia,   Liberia.