NAYMOTE Anticipates Massive Youth Participation in Voters Registration Feb. 8 (Frontpage Africa – Feb 8, 2017)

The lead lecturer at the Young Political leadership School second semester Jeff Fox says young people participating in the YPLS program are the inspiration for the future of Liberia.

“They are inspirational for the future hope of Liberia, if you get young people like this into leadership role in five, ten to fifteen years, you will have a better country,” Fox said.

For the past three days Fox has been enhancing their skills in leadership, public speaking, developing campaign message, citizen engagement and campaign planning.

“It was a fabulous experience, I have interacted with youth activist all over the world and this the first I have the pleasure of working with youth political activist in Liberia, I found them very creative, very hardworking, keen to learn new idea and new strategy, leadership, public speaking, developing campaign message, citizen engagement, campaign planning,” Fox added.

YPLS Lead lecturer hopes that the National Youth Movement for Transparent Election attracts funding to replicate the program across Liberia.

“My hope NAYMOTE is able to attract long term support to move this program across the country; this will affect generation change and produce new leaders,” Fox said.


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