Naymote Welcomes 55th Legislature and Calls for Accountability, Transparency, and Responsiveness in Service to the Liberian People

(January 5, 2024) Naymote Partners for Democratic Development extends a warm welcome to the esteemed members of the 55th Legislature and urges them to champion principles of accountability, transparency, and responsiveness in serving the needs and expectations of the Liberian people.

Recognizing the pivotal role of robust legislative oversight in a thriving democracy, Naymote advocates for legislators to enhance their oversight function. This entails holding the executive branch accountable, diligently monitoring executive functions, maintaining a balance of power, and steadfastly defending the interests of the people. The core legislative functions of lawmaking, representation, and oversight must consistently uphold the principles of social accountability and the efficient delivery of public goods and services.

After closely monitoring the performance of the 54th Legislature from January 2018 to January 2023, Naymote noted a deficiency in oversight functions, resulting in lack of transparency and openness in executive activities. Furthermore, the Legislature failed to hold the executive branch accountable for many of its actions and inactions.

Naymote’s observations during this period revealed the absence of budget performance reports, non-submission of reports from ministries, agencies, and commissions to the legislature, no access to voting records of legislators, the absence of a functional website for public engagement, and the non-availability of annual reports. Notably, during the 2018-2022 period, the Legislature received appropriations exceeding US$228 million without an accompanying audit report on fund management.

In light of these observations, Naymote calls upon the 55th Legislature to adopt a more robust approach. Link to full press statement .

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