Liberia: Naymote Embarks on Accountability Crusade (Daily Observer 02/19/2024 Edition)


— Educates Liberians to stand up against broken promises from politicians; concludes its President Meter project in Bong County  

The Executive Director of Naymote, Eddie D. Jarwolo, has underscored the significance of citizen participation in good governance, stressing the constitutional power vested in the people to elect their respective leaders.

Jarwolo lamented past tendencies of voting based on superficial criteria rather than qualifications or experience, urging citizens to actively engage in holding leaders accountable for their promises.

Reflecting on past endeavors, Jarwolo acknowledged both the successes and challenges encountered in holding leaders accountable. Despite criticism and pushback, Naymote remained steadfast in its commitment to advocating for transparency and accountability in governance.

These remarks were made during a recent town hall meeting in Gbarnga, Bong County, where Jarwolo concluded discussions on the President Meter project, highlighting its significance to citizens.

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