Liberian Youth- the Game Changers in Liberia’s Democratic Transition

Registered voters for Liberia’s 2017 elections were 2,183,683, young people ages 18 – 32 constituted 52%. The youth, through various roles, massively contributed towards the peaceful democratic transition since 1944; they served as poll watchers, campaign organizers, election monitors, civic/voter educators, community peace ambassadors, etc.

For over half a decade, Naymote-Partners for Democratic Development has been working to mobilize, sensitize and prepare young Liberians to participate in Liberia’s democratic processes from an informed perspective. In pursuit of this objective, NAYMOTE throughout the period leading up to the 2017 Presidential and Legislative Elections in Liberia, organized and implemented a series of programs which included the Young Political Leadership School, the Liberia Bus Project, Liberia Decides Social Media Platform, Yes to Peace, No to Violence Platform, Youth Votes Count, Mobile Call Center and the Youth Debates all of which have positively contributed to the peaceful democratic transition witnessed by the nation after several decades. Youth population in Liberia constitutes 65%.

Please click link to read our institution full Newsletter2018 Edition (1).  It highlights key activities conducted during the 2017 elections with amazing stories and photos.

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