Legal Education Reaching More Students in Liberia

Our School Law and Justice Program is reaching out to school campuses and providing legal education to students. The program brings experienced Police Officers and Lawyers to the classrooms to teach students about practical law, crime prevention, conflict resolution, due process and how to access justice, etc.
On March 28, the School Law and Justice Program had a special session with students of the Muslim Congress High School on the Liberia Criminal Justice System. The session highlighted the procedure and rule of law including community policing, crime prevention and the effect and causes of crime in society. The students also learned about due process and how to access justice.


The session was facilitated by
Atty. Mrs. Kebeh Freeman Saryon, Legal Consultant at the Ministry of Public Works and Chief Supt. Samuel G. Ford, Deputy Superintendent, Community Policing, Liberia National Police.
The School Law and Justice Program was established to help advance justice, promote peace and democracy thereby providing an environment where high school and university students can acquire the legal knowledge, skills and capacity to become active and legally knowledgeable contributors in their schools, communities and society. Young students will learn and benefit from interactive engagements including seminars, lectures, and mock court trials to support the Justice System. During the session, students asked questions including, the legality of being arrested by the police after 6pm; what is a legal course of action for alleged rape perpetrators who were declared not guilty after spending over 5 years prison amongst other things.
The event at the Muslim Congress was the second session organized through the School Law and Justice Program. The first session was held at the N.V. Massaquoi High School in Gbarnga City, Bong County where the County Police Chief and the County Atty spoke to students.

The School Law and Justice Program is part of NAYMOTE’s Rule of Law Program designed to educate young people (High School and University Students) about Rule of Law and Access to Justice. The program is been highly welcomed by school authorities, students, the Police and Lawyers as legal education is needed to reduce crime, promote peace, adhere to the rule of law and respect for the justice. The program is expected to reach more students across the country and to partners with local and international to advance justice, peace and democracy in Liberia in a post UNMIL era



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