Building Today’s Transformational Leaders for Better Africa

NAYMOTE through the Young Political Leadership School is providing transformational ideas, mechanisms and leadership skills that will enhance, inspire and motivate young people to participate in democratic processes to ensure better governance and dividends for all.

On May 11, 2018, 105 brilliant youth leaders from diverse background completed a one-week master training in Policy Advocacy, Governance and Leadership from the Young Political Leadership School.

The training was facilitated by Jeffery David Fox, Political and Communications Strategist, Conflict to Peace International Consulting with support from others outstanding Liberians including Darryl Ambrose Nmah, Sr. (Atty.) DIRECTOR, Judicial Public Information Division Temple of Justice, Mr. McCarthy Weh Director, Legislative Information Services Liberian Legislature, S. Aaron Weah- Weah, III, Program Director/NAYMOTE and Wainright Y. Acquoi Director of Communications, SMART Liberia. We are truly grateful all our awesome facilitators, we appreciate your service to our institution and the young people of Liberia.

We are really grateful to the U.S. Ambassador Christine Elder and His Honor Kabineh M. Ja’neh Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Republic of Liberia for speaking at the opening session and inspiring the participants, we are thankful to the National Endowment for Democracy for supporting.

“A legal system which ensures that all regulated by the law of the land and are treated alike, is the foundation for attracting international private and bilateral investment in any country, Liberia is no exception,” His Honor Ja’neh.

Ambassador Elder affirmed that the United States has been proud to support NAYMOTE and to be part of the YPLS because it attracts diverse group of young women and men who clearly are anxious to prepare for the future leadership roles in Liberia.

These outstanding youth leaders learned about the workings of the National Legislature and its oversight Committees, the workings of the Supreme Court, and Criminal Justice system, Leadership Styles and Skills – What makes a good leader?, Participatory Decision Making: A tool for building consensus, Becoming a Powerful Communicator/Public Speaking, Democratic Engagement in Post Elections Governance, Community Outreach and Legislative Advocacy, Community Needs Assessments, Issues Identification and Policy Development/Advocacy, Campaign Planning and Citizen Engagement, Effective Communications: Message Development, and Entrepreneurship and Youth Empowerment, etc.

It is our hope that the knowledge and skills gained through the YPLS will be used effectively to impact their communities and society, we are glad as an institution (NAYMOTE) could contribute to empowerment and development of this generation.
The YPLS was established on April 4, 2016, designed to build the capacity of young people who will lead the process of consolidating, strengthening Liberia’s democratic enhancements as well as becoming transformational leaders of their generation. Since the establishment, the YPLS has trained 435 young leaders from diverse background and many of them are playing leadership role in the society.

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