NAYMOTE Intensifies Civic Education on the Voter Roll Update Process

Naymote-Liberia through the Young Political Leadership School Africa intensifies civic engagement and outreach exercise on the Voter Roll Update for the midterm senatorial election and the national referendum on December 8, 2020 across the 15 counties; educating and encouraging women, youths, and elders to fully participate in the process.

The institution has observed that there is limited awareness about the ongoing voter roll process and citizens preparation for the December 8, 2020 midterm election may be seriously challenged if the right information is not disseminated appropriately, timely, effectively, and efficiently. Therefore, the institution is joining stakeholders to improve voter appetite, strengthen participation especially for first time voters, women and persons who are physically challenged. The institution believes it is important that citizens, especially young people, understand the electoral processes to help them make informed decisions. These activities are expected to reach other communities, and climax on Friday, September 25, 2020.


The messages being carried out to the people in these 15 counties include:

1)The Voter Roll Update time table, which runs from September 11th to 25th, 2020.

2) Persons who just turned 18 or persons who turned 18 since 2017.

3) Persons who travelled or for illness and other reasons and did not register during the last voter registration.

4) Persons who have relocated from one district, community or county to another.

5) Persons who have lost or damaged their cards.



Based on awareness conducted through door-to-door visitation, radio talk shows, town hall meetings, hundreds of citizens are turning out to the various Voter Roll Update Centers to register.

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