Bid Notice for the Procurement of Vehicle ( 1 Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep 70 Series)


All Eligible bidders are encouraged to include the below required documents in their bids.

1.1 Tender requirements

  1. a) Valid Tax Clearance / TIN number
  2. b) Business Registration Certificate
  3. c) Copy of signed Letter of Manufacturer’s ‘authorization on the letterhead of Manufacturer

* All pages of bids must be pre-numbered and initiated

* All bids must be signed and stamped by authorized personnel

* All bids must be submitted in English

* All bid prices must be quoted in United States Dollars

* Bidders must quote Duty- Free price

* Bidders must submit names and contacts of at least three (3) previous customers that have been supplied similar goods.

* Proof of spare part availability and visible workshop

* Complete tender document must be submitted in sealed envelopes

1.2 Additional Information

  1. Vehicle must be factory new and 2022 carrier of passengers and must conforms to all roads and tropical environment.
  2. Bidders must include catalogue of the vehicle in its bid
  3. Bidders shall submit Cover letter in prescribed Format as specified in Appendix A.
  4. In case of price discrepancy between unit price and SUBTOTAL price, unit price shall prevail
  5. Bidders must include delivery schedule
  6. Payment terms
  7. Bid submitted after the deadline will NOT be considered
  8. Electronic bids are NOT allowed

Naymote Partners for Democratic Development reserves the right to request additional information from prospective bidders and reject any or all bids that do not meet its minimum requirements without any liability, or when considered to be in the best interest of the agency and/or the people serves.

For additional information, click/ download Bid Notice for the Procurement of Vehicle 

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