The Swedish International Development Corporation Agency, (SIDA) through the Embassy of Sweden in Monrovia has awarded Naymote Partners for Democratic three – years grant. The grant is NAYMOTE’s biggest ever and is intended for the implementation of the project titled Democracy Advancement Program (DAP) which is a three-year program with the overarching goal to enhance democratic governance for inclusive development in Liberia.

The program will adopt a three-prong approach: Research, Advocacy, and Civic Engagement (RACE) and is informed and guided by the principle of Change that “If a government is politically accountable, the quality of democracy is improved, and citizens benefit from their participation in democratic processes.”

Naymote Partners for Democratic Development (NAYMOTE) is hiring for multiple positions (job openings). Please read all job descriptions before applying. READ!


1. Program Officer:

2. Program Coordinator:

3. Media and Communication Officer

4. M&E Officer

5. Gender Coordinator

6. Regional Project Officer

7. Project Accountant




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