“ECC Deploys 92 trained Long-Term Observers for Exhibition in all fifteen Counties.”

The Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC) has trained and deployed 92 long-term (19 County Coordinators and 73 Electoral district observers) from the fifteen (15) counties to observe the NEC Exhibition of the Provisional Registration Roll from June 12-17, 2023 and the Claims and Objections process that will be held at the NEC’ Magisterial offices beginning June 12-24, 2023. The ECC Observers’ reports will be submitted via coded text messages to the ECC Data Center in Monrovia for verification and analysis.

Observation & Deployment Methodology

ECC will deploy both electoral district observers and county coordinators as stationary observers to observe the Exhibition and claims and objection processes across the 15 counties and 73 electoral districts.

All electoral district observers will observe at designated Exhibition centers on each day for the entire period of exhibition (June 12-17, 2023), each day, at a different exhibition center. County Coordinators on the other hand, will observe the Claims and objection processes associated at the NEC magisterial offices for the entire period (June 12-24, 2023). For each observation day, ECC coordinators and observers will complete a comprehensive observer checklist and send in reports via coded text messages to the ECC’s Data Center. Observers will also submit critical incidents reports whenever they observe issues that threatens the peaceful conduct of the process.


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