NAYMOTE Deploys 15 Observers, Establishes Youth Elections Data Center

Naymote-Liberia demonstrates their commitment to promoting transparency and accountability in the electoral process in Liberia has trained and deployed 15 observers across the country, ensuring that there is a wide coverage of monitoring during the elections. These observers will play a crucial role in observing and reporting any irregularities or violations that may occur during the campaign period and on election day.

The establishment of a Youth Elections Data Center is a commendable initiative by Naymote-Liberia that recognizes the importance of engaging young people in the democratic process and empowering them with information. This data center will serve as a hub for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information related to elections, allowing young people to stay informed about candidates, policies, and campaign promises.

Naymote will provide civic voter education that aims to empower young people with the knowledge and skills necessary to actively participate in the electoral process. Through these efforts, they hope to instill a sense of responsibility and encourage peaceful engagement among the youth.

Naymote-Liberia Executive Director Eddie D. Jarwolo made these statements in a press conference with journalist few days ago at his office, he emphasized that for true inclusivity and transparency, political parties must go beyond voter education. He urges them to publish their manifestos in accessible formats that cater to citizens with varying levels of literacy. This would ensure that every citizen, regardless of their educational background, can understand and make informed decisions based on the policies and promises put forth by each party.

Naymote-Liberia recognizes that the forthcoming elections are not just about choosing leaders but also about strengthening Liberia’s peace and democratic progress. They believe that by equipping citizens with knowledge and promoting accessibility in political discourse, they can contribute to a more inclusive and participatory democracy.

Moreover, Naymote-Liberia recognizes that accessibility is key to promoting inclusivity and participation in democracy. They work towards breaking down barriers that prevent certain groups from engaging fully in political discourse. This includes advocating for gender equity and encouraging women’s participation in politics, as well as reaching out to marginalized communities and ensuring their voices are heard.

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