Naymote ED Keynote Speaker at AFL’s 67th Symposium

At the 67th Symposium of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), Eddie Jarwolo, Executive Director of Naymote Partners for Democratic Development, provided the keynote address on “Sustaining Liberia’s Democracy: The Roles and Responsibilities of Liberian Armed Forces.”.

In his speech, Jarwolo outlined what he called the basic principles of running a democratic state, that include citizen participation, equality, rule of law, political tolerance, and accountability. A failure to do so threatens our democracy.

Additionally, he emphasized the strategic priorities of the Liberian Armed Forces that are crucial to defending, protecting and sustaining Liberia’s democracy, such as Defense and Law Enforcement, Peacekeeping Operations, Engineering and Disaster Management.

“Make sure you perform your duties in accordance with democratic values and human rights, demonstrating a nonpartisan approach to duty in a way that commands citizens’ respect” Mr. Jarwolo reminded the gallant men and women of the AFL to uphold their undivided allegiance to the Republic of Liberia and to the Liberian people no matter what.

(Click link to read Full Speech)

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