Naymote Summit on Improving Democratic Dividends

An upcoming summit for Democracy and Political Accountability will take place at the Sinkor Palace Hotel in Monrovia on March 20 to 21, 2024, organized by Naymote Partners for Democratic Development.
A major objective of the Summit is to provide a forum for diverse stakeholders to meet to discuss challenges and pathways for sustaining Liberia’s democracy, improving democratic dividends, promoting political accountability, and promoting active citizen involvement. Participants will include government officials, political parties, civil society organizations, development partners, youth, and marginalized groups.
The Executive Director of Naymote-Liberia Eddie D. Jarwolo, believes that maintaining democracy and promoting political accountability are critical to Liberia’s future development and stability. In this summit, stakeholders will be able to meet, share insights, and formulate actionable strategies to advance democracy and governance in Liberia. ” I am confident that this summit will contribute to increase awareness, better understanding, and increase consciousness regarding the critical importance of sustaining democracy and promoting political accountability in Liberia,” ED Jarwolo added.
In addition, the conference will include open discussions, expert panels, and interactive sessions to identify challenges preventing the delivery of democratic benefits, evaluate the government’s development agenda, define the role of stakeholders in ensuring political accountability, and discuss Liberian youth’s strategic leadership role to ensure democracy’s long-term sustainability.
It is expected that the keynote address will be delivered by H.E. Jeremiah Kpang Koung, Vice President of Liberia. It is also anticipated that the summit will feature speakers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finance and Development Planning, the Ambassadors of the United Kingdom in Liberia, the European Union, the Second Secretary and Program Officer at the Swedish Embassy, and the Director of USAID.

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