Are you interested in becoming a campaign organizer or campaign manager? Do you want to help your candidate win election based on issues? Are you interested in learning how to elect a progressive candidate? The time a now! The Young Political Leadership School is here to assist!

We are pleased to announce that nomination of participants for semester one of the Young Political Leadership School (YPLS) in Liberia is now opened. Political parties, independent candidates and political support based groups in Liberia are therefore invited to nominate young political leaders, who are youth wing leaders of political parties, political campaign managers, campaign organizers, voters’ base managers, civic educators as well as public relation officers, to participate in a one week training course dubbed “Organizing Political Campaign’, under the YPLS. The training will take place from April 4th to 8th 2016 at the National Elections Commission Conference Hall in Monrovia, Liberia.

The YPLS is a development program designed by NAYMOTE to empower young political leaders with the tools and knowledge needed to support the development of research-based campaign platforms, effectively build and manage voters base, lead effective political campaigns, engage voters, to and deliver issue based campaign messages. The YPLS wants to ensure that political platforms reflect the views of the people and electoral campaigns are organized based on standards and are free from violence, so as to increase citizens’ trust in political parties, improve Liberia’s democracy and electoral politics.

Eligibility Criteria for Nominees

  • Be between the ages of 18 – 40 years;
  • Liberian;
  • Belong to a political party, a political campaign team of independent candidates;
  • Be a key player in organizing and conducting political campaigns
  • Be interested in organizing political campaign.

Facilitators- Facilitators will include expert trainers from international and local institutions from Liberia and the West African Region.

TRAINING METHODOLOGY– This training blends theory with practice and considers participation and sharing experience as key elements in its approach. The experienced team of trainers and knowledgeable consultants use participatory methods, rich in visual elements, to encourage contribution. The seminar strives for quality and applicability by ensuring that the training is highly practical, participatory and interactive and learner centered and that training sessions promote a feedback sharing mechanism. The training sessions will include lectures, discussions, role-plays, small studies, networking exercise, field trip, planning session and screening video documentaries.

Training Cost is USD 200.00 per participant.                                                 Interested institutions and individuals can apply by completing and submitting the nomination form, which can be found at Applications close Midday (12PM GMT) March 25, 2016. For further information about the training contact us, email: and cc and Please visit: or