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Mr. S. Aaron Weah-Weah has 5 years of working experience as a youth activist and the Program Associate of one of Liberia’s progressive youth advocacy and pro democracy group. Aaron is responsible to help develop project proposals and implement programs geared toward informing and ensuring young people and marginalized group’s participation in Liberia’s democratic political processes.

He brings to the great NAYMOTE’s family his immense community mobilization and networking skills drawing experiences from years of his service as a school and community volunteer, an extensive knowledge on youth participation, strategic thinking and tactical innovation skills, campaign violence monitoring and elections observation. He has participated in several international and local trainings, seminars, conferences (Africamp) and brainstorming forum on youth empowerment.

With reference to international exposure, Aaron has traveled to South Africa, Swaziland, Senegal, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and Sierra Leone attending international forum, conferences and academic trainings.

Aaron is full of energy to work under pressure and hazardous conditions not disregarding his spirit of a great team builder and team worker who can go at almost any length to see his team a winner. His famous quote is barrowed from the late Indian Political Spiritual Leader Mohamed Gandhi which says “Whatever we do as a people may seems insignificant, but it is most important that we do it”.

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I am Eddie Jarwolo, the founding Executive Director of NAYMOTE-Partners for Democratic Development. The political unrest and disenfranchise country birthed countless hours of civic engagement activities. My involvement in student government, brewed an unwavering passion to empower and mobilize my fellow Liberians, today after 10 years of constructive engagements through innovative civic engagement activities and programs that involve youth leaders in improving their community while developing themselves and their capacities they are gradually affecting system change and transforming their communities. Established in 2001, NAYMOTE’s mission is to strengthen and promote positive youth and community engagements in support of democratic governance and sustainable development of Liberia.

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