(November 8, 2017, Monrovia, Liberia. Naymote Partners for Democratic Development extends appreciation to Liberian voters who turnout to vote on October 10, 2017. The peaceful participation signifies Liberians’ quest to consolidate democracy and enhance participatory governance since 1847 and usher in its first democratic transition since 1944.

The institution is judiciously following the ongoing legal encounter between the National Elections Commission and the Liberty Party as well as the recent ruling of the Supreme Court, which placed a ‘stay order’ on the runoff election until the National Elections Commission can address the grievances or complaints of the Liberia Party. The institution calls on all Liberians to remain calm, uphold and respect the rule of law, and observe the ongoing hearing by the National Elections Commission on the Liberty Party’s complaint.

NAYMOTE urges the National Elections Commission (NEC) to maintain high level professionalism in the hearing of the case, by demonstrating impartiality, honesty, credibility and integrity. This we believe will ensure justice for all regardless of which institutions or individuals are represented as the country strives to consolidate her newfound democracy and usher in its first democratic transition since 1944.

The institution calls on the National Elections Commission to adequately address the complaint from the Liberty Party, provide due process and ensure all regulations and laws governing electoral processes in Liberia are adhere to.

NAYMOTE is encouraging all political institutions and their leaders to ensure the country remains peaceful, show respect for the rule of law and democratic institutions as well as encourage partisans and supporters to refrain from all activities, attitudes and utterances that could generate violence and undo the democratic gains made over the years. NAYMOTE believes, Liberians must do everything legally possible to preserve the democratic gains that so many people have fought and died for, and the billions of international support spent to consolidate democracy and peace building efforts in Liberia.

The institution calls on the Supreme Court of Liberia to remain steadfast by operating with high level of proficiency, honesty, fairness and administer justice with integrity by avoiding political decisions during this critical period. NAYMOTE believes the Supreme Court should be the foundation for the enhancement of our democracy and democratic institutions as well as promoting public trust and confidence, which is needed more than ever before to sustain the democratic gains and peace in the country.

NAYMOTE is calling on the United States Government, the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union, ECOWAS and all international partners to strengthen their engagements and support toward sustaining the democratic gains and peace in Liberia.

The institution is admonishing all international partners to hold discussions with political stakeholders to reduce the tension that is building up in the country and encourage them to use the legal system to seek redress and refrain from any utterances that will promote violence in the country.

NAYMOTE is strongly recommending that foreign governments deny political leaders, their family members and supporters that would undermine the peace, an ‘entry visas’ to leave the country and hold them accountable for any human right violation that may occur as the result of their actions.

NAYMOTE is encouraging the young people of Liberia to remain peaceful and respect the due process, noting that any conflict arising out of electoral violence would affect their lives and future in a negative way.

The institution calls on the media to be conflict sensitive and demonstrate high level of professionalism during this critical period in the country’s history. NAYMOTE realizes that incitement of any form would destroy the country and undo the democratic gains made so far.

NAYMOTE calls on the President of the Republic of Liberia, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, to remain focused on maintaining the peace and work hard to stop the country from returning to conflict, which claimed over 200,000 lives. The institution calls on the President to provide better leadership at this critical period of her legacy and ensure a smooth democratic transition, as history will remember her in a negative way if she fails to ensure a smooth democratic transition.

NAYMOTE believes that any setback to the democratic gains contradict the intent and spirit of the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights (ACHPR), the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Good Governance (ACDEG) and other regional normative instruments that guarantee the promotion and protection of human rights. Democracy makes no meaning if it fails to safeguard human rights, promote good governance and enhance citizen’s participation.

Finally, NAYMOTE reaffirms its faith in democracy as a system of government that can guarantee the prosperity, peace and stability of the people and nation.  The institution believes strongly that Liberia’s democracy can only prosper if civil society and the political system or actors engage in constructive dialogue and engagement. The institution frowns on every anti-democratic posture exhibited by political leaders, institutions or actors that obstruct democratic growth and pledges it full support and solidarity to all efforts or movements that seek to promote democracy and peace in Liberia.

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