NAYMOTE & MIA Develops FAQs on the LGA


On September 19, 2018, after decades of centralized governance, President George Weah signed into law the Local Government Act, devolving increasing administrative, fiscal and political powers and institutions to the local level. The act also ensures sources of revenue in support of local government administration, and creates local structures to bring government closer to Liberians throughout the country. This also gives citizens increased opportunity to engage with government institutions, and participate in the political and decision-making processes that affect them most directly.

With renewed support from the National Endowment for Democracy, NAYMOTE has conducted a series of activities to create broader citizen understanding of the Local Government Act, engaged citizens in advocating for its full implementation, and trained them to participate in the newly created structures. NAYMOTE will also continue to build on its national-level work, tracking parliamentary commitments and engaging in advocacy of critical legislation.

NAYMOTE will begin by developing and distributing a simplified version of the Local Government Act so citizens and government officials alike can better understand its remit. Coupled with this, NAYMOTE has developed a set of frequently asked questions regarding the act to ensure that those areas likely to need further clarification are comprehensively understood.

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