Naymote Launches its Campaign Promise Tracker 2020

Do candidates/politicians keep their campaign promises once elected?
During campaign period candidates or politicians make endless promises on the campaign trail and give citizens hope that they will fulfill those campaign promises when elected and this is a social contract between a candidate and a voter. As we approach the special senatorial election on December 8, Naymote Partners for Democratic Development is tracking the campaign promises of senatorial candidates across 10 counties. This is part of the institution democratic accountability program. Beginning January 2021, the institution will be monitoring, tracking, documenting, rating, and reporting performance of those elected senators to deliver on their campaign promises to enhance citizens’ trust in democratic processes and performance of the Liberian senate.
This platform is designed in the interest of citizens to track senatorial candidates campaign promises in order to remind and hold them accountable when they have been elected into offices to deliver to the citizens what they have promised and also use the information to advocate for change with local government, institutions, or the press.

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