residents of Gbelekpallah Town benefits from naymote rule of law program

On November 22, 2021, our institution Naymote-Liberia an educative dialogue with over 60 community leaders and residents of Gbelekpallah Town and neighboring towns in District #3, Bong County as part of our Community Law and Justice Program under our Access to Justice: Community Justice Advisor Project.
Participants learned about Liberia’s criminal justice system, citizens’ fundamental rights and how they could access justice, as well as some of the common civil cases that could be resolve at the community level using the alternative dispute resolution approach.
We also deepened participants understanding about child support, child custody, rape, marriage, etc. using Frequently Asked Questions on the rule of law and fundamental rights produced by our institution.
Thanks to Superintendent Vayanya Konneh, OPS, Bong County and Matthew Morris for facilitating the event.

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