Naymote to begin Tracking of Liberia’s Presidential Candidates

NAYMOTE-Liberia aims to promote transparency and accountability in the political landscape of Liberia will be tracking campaign promises that will be made by all 20 presidential candidates, representatives and senators. NAYMOTE-Liberia seeks to hold these candidates accountable for their words and ensure that they accomplish their commitments if elected into office.

Beginning August 5 to October 8, 2023, NAYMOTE-Liberia will closely monitor the actions and progress of each candidate, documenting their promises and comparing them against their actual achievements. This comprehensive tracking process will provide valuable insights into the candidates’ dedication towards fulfilling their campaign pledges.

To ensure accuracy and fairness, NAYMOTE-Liberia will request party manifestos from all political parties participating in the presidential race. These manifestos serve as a roadmap for each party’s vision and plans for governance. By analyzing these documents alongside the candidates’ campaign promises, NAYMOTE-Liberia can assess whether there is alignment between rhetoric and policy proposals.

The tracking process will involve reports on pre-election  and post-election promises that will be made, party manifesto, detailing the party’s agenda for governance.

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