Naymote-Liberia Tracking Team in Gear

Through its comprehensive monitoring efforts, Naymote-Liberia will closely examine the manifestos and campaign promises put forth by each candidate. This will enable them to assess the feasibility and potential impact of these promises on various sectors of society, such as education, healthcare, infrastructure development, job creation, and social welfare.

The photos on this page capture the dedication and hard work of the staff at Naymote-Liberia as they embark on the crucial task of tracking the political party standard bearers. With unwavering commitment, they meticulously analyze every point and scrutinize each statement made by these candidates. Their tireless efforts are driven by a single purpose – to keep the Liberian people well-informed.

In a democratic society like Liberia, it is imperative that citizens have access to accurate and reliable information about their potential leaders. Naymote-Liberia understands this responsibility and recognizes that an informed electorate is essential for a thriving democracy.

By closely monitoring the actions and statements of political party standard bearers, Naymote-Liberia ensures transparency in the electoral process. They aim to provide unbiased information to the public, enabling them to make informed decisions when casting their votes.

This tracking process serves as a safeguard against misinformation, false promises, or any attempts to manipulate public opinion.

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