Naymote President Meter Project is really gaining momentum across the country through implementation of several activities and engagements with community residents. The institution is currently hosting series of townhall meetings to share update on promises documented and ascertain citizens’ view on the CDC led-government manifesto as well as monitoring, tracking and documenting promises.

As part of the project, the institution has conducted the total of 4 community townhall meetings in Montserrado and Margibi Counties and over 200 citizens has been reached with information about the project, promises made by the government as well as update on campaign promises implemented by the government.

On Saturday, September 1, 2018, the institution conducted a community town hall meeting at the Cotton Tree Town Hall, Unification City, Margibi County and 50 community residents including: zone leaders, youth and women leaders and local leaders attended. Hon. Samuel M. Berian, City Mayor, Unification City, Margibi County and Hon. David F. Suahkollie, Development Superintendent, Margibi County also participated and made special remarks at the event.

Hon. Samuel M. Berian, City Mayor, Unification City, Margibi County and Hon. David F. Suahkollie, Development Superintendent, Margibi County (Left-Right)

“Appreciations to Naymote for this great initiative. Through the townhall meeting held today, we’ve learned a lot about the progress the government is making in fulfilling her promises made to her people”. Hon. David F. Suahkollie, Development Superintendent, Margibi County

“It is good to have institution like Naymote that will critically monitor the government activities and put the government feet to the fire. It will help us live up to our promises and meet citizens’ expectations. This is a good project and the office of the City Mayor will reproduce copies of the CDC manifesto for all its administrative staffs” Hon. Samuel M. Berrian, City Mayor, Unification City, Margibi County

Participants were glad for the first time hearing about the President Meter project. They appreciated our institution Naymote for engaging and educating them and also appreciated government for ensuring the successful passage of the of the Land Rights Act, renovation of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital with ultra-modern facilities, completion of the rewriting of the National School Curriculum for grades 1-12, payment of WACCSE fees for 12th graders, as well as ongoing pavement of the feeder roads in Monrovia.

They were also concerned about the implementation of several promises including: the government prioritizing early learning and adult illiteracy programs in pre-schools and local communities in their county, ensuring the provision of free medical service and recreation centers for senior citizens beyond the age of 70 years, providing technical, financial and mechanical support to farmers for the development of low agricultural land and swamp land within targeted communities across the country for the production of rice and vegetable and also beginning the school feeding program in all public schools as mentioned by the government.

“As for me, I’m really concerned about the exact school year the school feeding program in all public schools will begin” Emma P. David, Women Leader, Unification City, Margibi County


Participants strongly believe that despite the implementation of some promises made by government, they are really hopeful that the payment of WASSCE fees for 12th graders will continue throughout the government tenure in office, and construction of housing units for rural inhabitants in all 15 counties and other housing projects will be implemented at a fast paced by the government. Additionally, the building of feeder roads, construction of the 14th Military Hospital and Redemption Hospital will help the government to cater to serious health challenges and provide special attentions to citizens. They are still anticipating the establishment of the US$ 1 million Credit loan for small Liberian businesses across the country which will help small Liberian business holders to boost their business.

Feedbacks from the townhall meetings held as well as project activities are impressive and welcoming by Liberians and more of these engagements will be held across the country.

Naymote strongly believe that the President Meter project will promote demand for good governance in Liberia. The President’s Meter is designed to ensure democratic accountability by documenting, monitoring and tracking campaign promises made during the 2017 elections by the CDC as well as post-election promises.

The project is a flagship intervention of OSIWA’s political governance and democratic consolidation program and marks the seventh of such initiatives sponsored by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) in the sub-region.



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