Let Make Women Voices Heard – UN Women Country Representative Comfort Lamptey

Let us envision a society where women’s voices are not only heard but valued, where their potential is recognized and nurtured. The Young Women Campaign Fellowship Program serves as a stepping stone towards achieving this vision, empowering young women to actively participate in the political process and make a lasting impact. Through this program, we aim to cultivate a new generation of leaders who will champion gender equality and advocate for policies that address the unique challenges faced by women. By equipping these fellows with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources, we are fostering a supportive environment that encourages their growth and development.

It is crucial to recognize that women’s leadership brings diverse perspectives, innovative ideas, and inclusive decision-making processes. By celebrating women’s leadership, we are not only promoting gender equality but also creating a more just and equitable society for all.

The 2023 elections present an opportunity for these young women to showcase their capabilities and drive positive change. As they embark on this journey, let us stand beside them as allies, mentors

“I want to ask you to support each other because your success will come when you work as a team and when you support each other. When one of you is falling, surround yourself with that person, give advice, and help that person up,” she added. You can compete, but not at the expense of each other; continue to see yourself as a team; and grow together. I am sure that with this amazing corps of young leaders, Liberia’s future is assured.”

She paused for a moment, allowing her words to sink in among the eager faces before her. The room was filled with a sense of hope and determination, as these young leaders understood the power of unity and collaboration.

She continued, her voice filled with conviction, “Liberia’s future lies in your hands. Each one of you has the potential to make a significant impact on our nation. But remember, true success is not measured by individual achievements alone. It is about lifting each other up and creating an environment conducive for all.

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