Realizing that voters’ registration is a highly complex process as much as it is the single most extensive activity within the framework of elections; NAYMOTE with support from UNDP has identified in partnership with the local National Elections Commission Magistrates 12 influential community based organizations within Maryland, Grand Kru and Rivergee Counties to conduct the voters’ education campaign across the nine electoral districts. Currently with the 2014 voter registration statistic Maryland has 50,631, Grand Kru 35,498 and Rivergee 31, 515 registered voters which NAYMOTE think its low and must be increased.
Each Community Based Organization (CBO) nominated 8 volunteers to work on the project, they are responsible to reach 10 households a day for 30 days. NAYMOTE’s Regional Office, traditional leaders, NEC local officials and local authorities will facilitate community meetings, radio programs and outreach to buttress the campaign to increase citizens participation in the voter registration in these selected counties. As part of the campaign, NAYMOTE conducted a CVE training for young civic and voter educators in the project counties. The training empowered volunteers with knowledge and skills on the 2017 Voters Registration Process, legal reliance for the Voter Registration, CVE messages approved by NEC and procedures for voters’ registration, gender mainstreaming in 2017 voters registration process as well as strategies to conduct effective CVE.
While regional poverty is high in the South Eastern Region of Liberia, citizens specifically residents of Maryland, River Gee, and Grand Kru counties should understand their roles, rights and responsibilities as voters and know the importance of their participation in these democratic processes.

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I am Eddie Jarwolo, the founding Executive Director of NAYMOTE-Partners for Democratic Development. The political unrest and disenfranchise country birthed countless hours of civic engagement activities. My involvement in student government, brewed an unwavering passion to empower and mobilize my fellow Liberians, today after 10 years of constructive engagements through innovative civic engagement activities and programs that involve youth leaders in improving their community while developing themselves and their capacities they are gradually affecting system change and transforming their communities. Established in 2001, NAYMOTE’s mission is to strengthen and promote positive youth and community engagements in support of democratic governance and sustainable development of Liberia.

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